4 creative ways Fashion Bloggers can promote effectively

Fashion bloogers come in many shapes and sizes, but one thing remains the same, they are all interested in helping people dress well and look their best. It is equally important that both the blog post and blog look equally gorgeous to the reader. After all, why would a reader take fashion advise from someone who talks the talk, but can’t walk the walk?

Generic sponsored links and cheesy banners ads don’t hit the right note any more, as readers are able to see them for what they are, “sponsored”. For a Blogger, your credibility is key as an influencer, it is your power. Without it you are just another billboard for advertisers to hang their ads on.

Advertisers who are looking to work with fashion bloggers need to up their game in order to help bloggers appeal to their readers interests first and foremost and then provide the tools to drive interest in their products.

Affiliate networks have a number of tools that can assist in delivering essential tools like, widgets, product feeds, deep links, video. So when selecting a network, it is important to see what tools they have available and how you can incorporate these into your strategy.

That’s why coming up with a creative ideas and customer content is key to being successful.

Bloggers can feature item(s) in an outfit post.

Outfit posts are on of the easiest and most popular options as a blogger. Not only to they Fashion or lifestyle bloggers almost always mention their entire outfit and the stores they bought them from at the bottom of each post. In this example – 2013 South African Blog Awards winner,  The Daily Shoe selects a number of different items to accompany a featured shoe. Note the affiliate links to the individual items / stores below the collage.
Advertisers can get involved a number of ways. Why not send over some items from your product line? Better yet, offer to send them a voucher so that the blogger can purchase directly from your online shop. This way the blogger can select products that directly align with their personal brand and audience.

Blog post from The Daily Shoe 29 July 2014
Note the social sharing icons below the post.

The model post shows a blogger wearing the item(s).

Similar to the outfit post, the model post is another great way bloggers can show off a advertisers items, gain additional modelling exposure for themselves and even garner exposure for a up and coming photographer.

In this example by StyleScoop the Durban Marina plays backdrop to a pseudo fashion shoot for Dimi Ingle to show off  her new Striped Maxi Dress from GAP.

Dimi of StypeScoop modelling a GAP striped maxi dress at the Durban Marina
Note the custom art work “Ahoy…” to tie in with the feature item / theme.

Vloggers (video bloggers) can also review and inform other about their experiences.
Must like a normal blog post the medium here is a video. Most of the time it is still featured in a normal blog post on their website, but can also simply feature on youtube while being promoted across other social media channels. Out of the top 100 most subscribed YouTube channels, 17 provide vlogs as their primary style of footage.

In the below youtube video Ms. Shopaholic Diaries reviews her purchases and experiences of shopping at Mr Price (MRP.com). I especially like the way she mentioned another fashion blogger (Carlinn of Superficial Girls) in the review, just highlighting the influential power that bloggers have.

If you view this video on youtube, (click show more) you’ll see that Felisia has provided links to each of the items she reviewed.

Tenancy options like home page takeovers:
Bloggers spend a lot of effort and time in building their own personal brands. This time and effort can reach a point where the fasionista can look at charging tenancy fees in order to promote advertisers on their blog. It’s not easy being fabulous!

In the example below, Adidas not only as their ZX Flux featured in a blog post but also down the sides of the aforementioned SuperficialGirls blog. These prominent banners are known as a website takeover or re-skin and are highly effective and powerful tools when used correctly.

Note how prominently Adidas is featured on the page.


In conclusion, there are many ways to incorporate your own flare into your both your blog and blog posts other than the few mentioned above. Have fun with blogging about what you love and if you can monetise it, then great. Create your own brand and build your fan base and you to can become a true fashionista.