A brief History

Anyone familiar with maritime history will recognise the graceful figures of men and women that once rode proudly on the bows of navel galleons between the 16th and 19th century. There is a certain magic about a figurehead which has never entirely faded. A ship without a figurehead was like a ship without a sail, making the figurehead a lasting symbol of the ship’s permanence.

In Germany, Belgium, and Holland, it was once believed that spirits/faeries called Kaboutermannekes (water fairies) dwelt in the figureheads. These spirits guarded the ship from sickness, rocks, storms, and dangerous winds. If the ship sank, the Kaboutermannekes guided the sailors’ souls to the Land of the Dead. To sink without a Kaboutermanneke condemned the sailor’s soul to haunt the sea forever, so Dutch sailors believed.

While we may not have magical fairies working here, we believe that any business operating in the on-line sphere today, needs to be data driven. Buy measuring your marketing activities, it cuts the guess work to a minimum and guides you towards success in attracting, engaging, and delighting your customers.

Our Mission & Vision

The first time I came across the thought of data driven marketing was during a group interview in London. One of the candidates spoke of his intern-ship at Google. It was at this point that a belief I formulated way back in university started to come to fruition.

There must be a better way to advertise, than spending vast quantities of money hoping for the sales to magically pour in.

Figurehead Media was founded as a direct result of that simple belief: There must be a better way….

Today, you can already see this in action on-line. Adverts pop up on websites that are prompted by your interests, past purchases, search terms. No more “wasteful” mass advertising. Now days, it’s accurate information processing helping business know what the customer wants, before even they realise it.

This question stayed with founder Anthony Topham to create a vision for how business could get the most return from their efforts if they had all the right information at hand.

Figurehead Media is on a mission to make your on-line marketing more efficient, not only for business sake, but to give your customers what they want, when they want it. By aligning your marketing efforts in such a way, you can succeed in (cost effectively), delivering time and time again.