How to Install Your First WordPress Theme

Step by step guide to installing wordpress themes

This part of “how to start a blog” is focused on installing your first wordpress theme.

Choosing a theme is a super important part of creating a profitable blog. You want your blog to be fast, readable, and easy to navigate so that you will have return readers. Return readers make turning your blog into a business much easier. So basically you want a great theme.

The key to the best theme for a blog is finding one that is simple enough, responsive (for mobile users), and has the option for a side bar or not.

Themes that have a sidebar (place for an about me), header photo place (location for logo), navigational links, banners and paid placements are important to utilise effectively.

Theme Installation

It’s time to select a theme that best represents who you are! WordPress has ten of thousands of free themes to choose from within WordPress. You can scan through them within  your WordPress Dashboard (Appearance -> Themes -> Add New).

Search and add the best WordPress themes

Before selecting a theme, it’s absolutely important to determine which features are essential and which you can live without.

The WordPress Feature Filter makes it super easy to customize your search for free themes based on specific features you want, like being translation ready and allowing for a flexible header. It’s important to have the design in mind before making a selection. For instance, you should be prepared to know if you want your site to have one column or multiple columns.

Wordpress theme finder filter


To install a theme:

  1. Navigate to your WordPress “Dashboard”
  2. Hover Over “Appearance” then click “Themes”
  3. Click “Add New”
  4. Browser through the available “free” themes. I recommend looking through “Latest” I have found some really great free themes there.
  5. Once you find a theme that you like you can click, “Live Preview” to see how it will look on your site. There usually is some customising that needs to be done to get it to look good.
  6. Once you’re happy, click “Install” , activate it and your blog will be ready for action!

Free WordPress Theme vs Premium WordPress Theme

One of the main reason why a lot of users choose a premium WordPress theme over a free one is because you get guaranteed support.

Free WordPress themes are often built as a passion project, so you are not guaranteed to get support or updates.

On the other hand, when you pay for a premium WordPress theme, you get good documentation, access to support, and regular updates. Some theme shops even go beyond and offer video tutorials, demo content, and even a free blog setup service.

Aside from that, premium themes are make your website more unique because free themes are being used by everyone.

If you’re looking for a premium “paid” theme (which in some cases can be recommend but not essential when staring out), check out these options:


Woohoo! Now you have your first theme!

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