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With the rise of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) platforms such as EDX and Coursera, online courses have become a real option for the internet users around the world. So why is it that South African publishers or affiliates have not yet benefited from this rise via affiliate marketing?

What has been done historically

The typical way for users to find online courses has for a long time been via search and social media. The advertiser’s marketing spends had therefore followed that trend. The traditional advertiser has for a while been the online-only type or advertisers. The latter has been acquiring users who wish to study a single course rather than those wishing to gain access to a platform offering a variety of courses.

New exciting development for affiliate marketing

That has been changing in recent months. We have seen affiliate marketing becoming an important acquisition channel for online education providers. Affiliates have become accustomed to affiliate programs earning them a commission per registrations on education advertisers’ platforms.

One very important development this year is the adoption of affiliate marketing by established private education providers. Damelin is one that has made it one of their main acquisition channels in South Africa.


  • The Damelin affiliate program available on, signals a significant development in this vertical. Publishers can now promote a renowned institution in the South African education sector. Publishers can also now attract people that wish to study online and offline.
  • Another great advantage of this type of programs is the financial aspect of the advertiser’s product. This type of advertisers accommodates a model well known to the south African audience: payment by instalments.

Our hope for the future

We are looking forward to seeing more exciting local brands in the private education sector go online and work with South African publishers who wish to effectively monetize their traffic. As we have said in our previous article, 6 actions to take in order to monetize a blog, affiliate marketing is still a sure thing.

Yannick Kabangu

Yannick Kabangu

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