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Blogging, affiliate or social media tips are always a hit with our community!

As you know, we passionately believe in supporting our community members by helping them to take control of their financial lives. That’s why we’ve come up with a way for you to feature your blogging know-how here.

What we do is only publish an image and excerpt to your blog post. In order to read the entire post, readers must click through to YOUR site to amplify your blog posts and get traffic back to your blog!

Things to keep in mind:

  • All images uploaded must be at least 750×300, 1000×1500 and 1000×1000 pixels.
  • Your post should be a minimum of 350 words. If longer that 1000 words, consider breaking it up into a series.
  • We retain the right to make edits to grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Please only upload photos that you own. Images found on Google, Flickr, Pinterest, etc are not permitted.
  • You are welcome to submit original posts, that you have previously published.
  • Your bio should be 3 to 4 sentences about who you are and what your blog is about.
  • Images may be altered for pinablilty.
  • We will approve content for publishing at our own discretion.


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