Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals Course

Learn how to get started with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a complicated, multidisciplinary practice that is often misunderstood. At its heart, it is a performance-based marketing technique in which affiliates are financially rewarded for sending customers to another website to purchase goods or services.

If you have a website, blog, or other online property, you too can earn money by monetising these properties through affiliate marketing .

Expert Geno Prussakov explores basic principles, from payment models to typical affiliate agreements; winning tactics and techniques, as well as roadblocks to future earnings; and the day-to-day practices that result in a successful affiliate marketing strategy.

In this course, Geno will show you how to get started with affiliate marketing as an affiliate publisher. First, you’ll cover the basic principles and core notions that you’ll need to know. Then, we’ll go over best practices for building a solid affiliate marketing business. Finally, you’ll explore the day to day work of monetizing your websites or other channels.

You’ll cover all of this, plus plenty of other tips.

Topics include:

  • Understanding core affiliate marketing concepts
  • Opening affiliate account(s)
  • Selecting and applying to affiliate programs
  • Monetizing blogs
  • Using affiliate data feeds
  • Using coupons and discounts
  • Adding email, video, and social marketing to the mix

This video tutorial is split into 27 easily-digestible videos covering four major areas:

  1. Introductory remarks and the fundamental affiliate marketing principles,
  2. Preparatory considerations,
  3. Movies on how to roll out your affiliate efforts,
  4. Videos on how to handle the day-to-day work, interweaving various types of online marketing with(in) your affiliate campaigns.


To get a taste of the tutorial (4 video lessons of which are available for your viewing absolutely free of charge), and/or to view the entire course with a 10 day free trial, click here.