CashBag Rewards Review – Earn money back online

Recently I’ve come across, and signed up to, a site called For those in South Africa who aren’t aware of CashBag and other cashback websites, anything you purchased online via this site you are paid a percentage of the sale price back to you.

When you first read of this you may be forgiven for thinking “Free money? How can they do that? I don’t believe it. This sounds too good to be true!”

While may be the first “pure” cashback website that I’m aware of in South Africa, but the model is well supported in more developed countries. In the local market we have examples that are similar but packaged slightly differently, namely FNB e-bucks, UCount Rewards, Discover Vitality or even Nedbank Greenbacks, which offer points to their clients for performing certain actions with partner brands.

CashBag home page showing featured retail brands including, Zino, Spree, NetFlorist and Faithful to Nature.

Cashbag has a large catalogue of companies advertised on the website, many of the brands you may already know and have even shopped with. Many brands may be new to you.

The basic concept of cashback is that whenever you make a purchase online, you click the relevant link on CashBag first, your purchase then shows up on CashBag and you are paid a percentage back in cash.

Use CashBag to buy things that you would buy any way. This means that any cashback you receive really will be ‘free money’. Stick to that concept and you’ll never be disappointed by CashBag.

The one piece of advice I would give is you shouldn’t buy anything just to get the cashback – in all cases the cashback isn’t guaranteed, but more than likely it will be paid. Also, keep an eye on everything you have bought and make sure it shows on the CashBag site as ‘tracked’, if not you can contact CashBag and they’ll investigate it for you.

Use when shopping online in South Africa to earn money.

There are terms and conditions with each retailer when you are getting cashback. These usually state the time it takes for the retailer to pay as well as the standard ‘cashback will not be paid when a voucher code has been used’. CashBag has voucher codes on its website, and you are able to use these but none from a third party source or your cashback may be declined. Also if your purchase doesn’t go through for any reason, you cancel an order or something, the cashback will be declined.

Sign up via this link and earn an instant R25 on your account.

Getting Paid

When you first sign up to CashBag, depending on how often you click through and make purchases. Shortly following your purchases, you will start receiving email confirmation of your cashback. These payments can be paid into a savings account, PayPal and it all soon adds up.

Email confirmation of monies from CashBag tracked transactions.
Signing up to CashBag will give you R25 that you wouldn’t have had otherwise and it will keep giving you a small income indefinitely. Use it every time you buy something online even your weekly grocery shop!

Payment of the money within your account is paid every 3 months based on your Cash Back balance earned in the previous quarter, as per the schedule below:

Purchase Made: Payment Made:

  • 1 January – 31 March: 30 May
  • 1 April – 30 June: 30 August
  • 1 July – 30 September: 30 November
  • 1 October – 31 December: 28 February

If your Cash Back balance is less than R100.00 the balance will be carried over to the next quarter.


Avid and occasional online shoppers will benefit from CashBag; after all, it’s basically free money for shopping with your favourite retail outlets and for trying new brands for the first time.

If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now.

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