CJ Affiliate launches Deep Link Automation

CJ Affiliate by Conversant has taken a big step forward in their ongoing quest to help content publishers make the most out of their affiliate campaigns.

In the past manually updating affiliate links and banners across multiple pages and sites has been notoriously laborious to say the least. That all changes with CJ’s new Deep Link Automation publisher tool.

CJ has designed the new tool with the idea of saving publishers time, increase their opportunities and be able to scale up their content monitisation faster and more easily.

How does it work?

  • The javascript code snippet reviews the root domain of any outgoing hyperlinks on your page. This would be a link to an advertisers page within the copy of your blog post ( for example: http://www.rootdomain.com).
  • CJ then determines if the URL matches one of the advertisers on the CJ Affiliate Network and secondly if you are joined to their programme as an active publisher.
  • If your are joined to a matching advertiser, then javascript automatically generates the appropriate affiliate tracking link as the page loads.


Other notable benefits surrounding the new tool are:

  • Potential SEO bump
  • Bolster credibility to consumers
  • Reads root domain only (matches joined advertisers domain) so won’t override any other existing affiliate links.
  • Any hyperlinked content (past or present) would become instantly monetised


How to include Deep Link Automation on your site:

  • Static Pages: to include Deep Link Automation in a single, static HTML document or different versions of the script on various static HTML documents, simply paste the script just before the closing body tag (</body>) of the appropriate page(s).
  • WordPress: Appearance > Editor. Select the footer.php document for the active theme or themes. Paste the script just before the closing body tag of each file. Alternatively, plugins like “Insert Headers and Footers” provide a global ability to place items just before the closing head tag or closing body tag and may be a better option if you are intimidated with editing the php files directly, often change themes or have multiple active themes on your site.
  • Other CMS (Joomla, Drupal, etc): if your site is generated dynamically from templates, the procedure is only slightly different. Identify the template or templates that generate a closing </body> tag, and place the Automation script just above each template option.

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