How to Get Accepted to Any Affiliate Program

If you’ve previously applied to join an affiliate programme, but your application was declined, you could be both surprised and a little confused. What possible reason could the merchant have for not partnering with you?

Don’t worry. Today, we will discuss simple easy-to-follow recommendations and tips that will help you (in most cases) get accepted onto any affiliate programme you wish to join.

Getting to grips with the registration process:

  • Before you can join any affiliate programs, you need to join a reputable affiliate network. I say reputable because you want to ensure they will pay you out your commissions on a regular basis. Fill in your chosen networks online application.
  • There are always fields to be filled up such as name, country, and email address. Be truthful in answering these fields, you have to remember to input only your full and real details.
  • Choose a professional name for your publisher account that matches your company or website. You are building your own brand after all.
  • Some networks allow you to enter your promotional methods, a short description about yourself and even add a media deck.
  • List your website/s. Depending on the network, you may have to verify your ownership of the website you’ve chosen to list, so enter a site that you own.
  • Don’t expect your application to be approved if there is no website listed. The exception is if you use PPC, Display Networks or other Paid channels, but this should be declared upfront in the promotional methods.
  • Keep you website listings up to date. This is another extremely common error is having URLs that land on non-existent pages (404 Forbidden, Cannot find server, Address not found).
  • Play within the rules and make sure to follow the both Networks and affiliate programme’s terms and conditions.)
  • Good content is key it any website and there’s no exception here. Advertisers want to partner with publisher who create high value content (related to the advertisers brand) for their readers/users which keeps them coming back for more.

Why you could be getting declined?

Affiliate managers go through hundreds of applications each day and most have a number of different websites listed that need to be reviewed to verify they are a good match for the particular programme. As a result they don’t have the luxury of time so unfortunately it doesn’t take much for them to click the decline button.

If you find yourself getting declined from a lot of affiliate programmes that you apply for, there usually is a reason. Below is a list of some common things that will get you declined:

  • Banner farm (Don’t fill up the page with hundreds of banners)
  • Old non updated website
  • Copied content (especially if it’s from the advertisers website)
  • Wrong Whois information
  • Private registration
  • Not having a website
  • Using blogspot, or Squidoo or other free hosting platforms
  • Listing or or a site that you couldn’t possibly own, will increase the chances of being declined. (if you use PPC then disclose this in the relevant section)
  • Your website hasn’t been updated in a long time.
  • Poor website design (make sure your theme is keeping up with the times)
  • Automatic declines (this is could be due to Geographic, Promotional method, Earning history or a number of other reasons. Be sure to check the programmes terms and conditions before applying.

If you are still being declined:

Try contact your affiliate manager directly and introduce yourself. Ask why your application was declined, what type of publishers they are looking for and how your website is a great fit for them.

Most programmes will include the relevant contact information in the programmes description or “application received” automated response message after you’ve applied. If that is missing try sending a message via the networks internal messaging system or support centre.

If the affiliate manager doesn’t respond then it is a programme that you don’t want to be in in the first place. Go find their competition and promote them instead.

As you grow from strength to strength in affiliate marketing, you should begin to receive offers from merchants wanting to work with you. At that stage applying to programmes hoping you get in will be a thing of the past.