Skimlinks – Affiliate Monetisation Made Easy (a review)

skimlinks How to quickly monetize your website through Affiliate Automation

Skimlinks Overview

One solution to monetise your website via affiliate marketing would be to spend countless hours signing up to dozens of different affiliate networks and then applying to thousands of programs. Alternatively, one could look into Skimlinks.

Quick history lesson. Skimlinks was started by young co-founders Alicia Navarro and tech guru Joe “Joey” Stepniewski. Skimlinks is the #1 choice for automated affiliate monetization network which many affiliate marketers use to quickly generate more money from their websites. It is one of the best sub-affiliate networks around and from the moment that you are accepted into the program you will be signed up automatically with over 20, 000 affiliate merchants so you can begin earning money the moment you sign up.

How It Works

Skimlinks works by automatically converting your existing outgoing links within your content directly into an affiliate link.  Webmasters add the Skimlinks affiliate enabled code to their codebase then, when a user visits the page with Skimlinks enabled. The result is that you instantly have the opportunity to earn money the moment a visitor clicks on one of these recreated links.

Who Is It For?

Skimlinks is a program for people looking to quickly monetise their websites via affiliate marketing. However, I only recommend this program for people who have websites that are no less than a month old and have a steady amount of traffic to their website.

Affiliate automated link replacement tools are best for website owners with huge amounts of content (online newspapers  magazines), forum owners with use generated content, or product review websites or even everyday bloggers who regularly recommend products or services.

What we liked about Skimlinks, the pros:

  • It is easy to get installed, you have to simply add the Skimlinks WordPress plugin / code to your website and start to monetize untapped links on your blog posts and pages without you having to do it yourself..
  • The network works with more than 20,000 merchants and is capable of converting links on the content into affiliate links to help you earn more commission. (which means we can support bloggers from any vertical or geography)
  • The Skimlinks merchant list contains brands from all major affiliate networks such as CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction), Affiliate Future, Affiliate Window, Trade Doubler, Webgains, Link Share, and Zanox.
  • Its links are converted into affiliate links only when users click on them, and thus does not look suspicious for the users or impact page load speeds.
  • It helps publishers to earn from their RSS feeds as it converts external links to the RSS feed into affiliate links.
    The SkimWords tool can find product references in text and create affiliate links on them (more found money!)
  • All of your existing affiliate links are untouched, Skimlinks does not overwrite any existing affiliated links so you don’t need to worry about having your affiliate links damaged or removed.
  • High quality analytics tools to gauge your success-to help make sure your marketing efforts are succeeding and where you will need to make some improvements.
  • Created links are auto targetted to the correct region specific affiliate URLs.

What we didn’t like about Skimlinks, the cons:

  • Its javascript code might slow down your website. However the automated links are only changed once a user clicks, so as the page has already loaded, the impact of your page-speed should be minimal if anything.
  • There is a catch for the automation service, which is only to be expected, but it is not as bad as it might seem. Skimlinks keeps up to 25% of all your commissions. You can manually set your own direct affiliate links to maximise your earnings from key partners.
  • Pay Period Is Once A Month-while this is not a disadvantage for me many people may not like the fact that you are only paid once a month from Skimlinks. However, this is very normal for many affiliate networks so it is not something you should be overly concerned with.
  • It works best for websites on certain niches such as beauty, lifestyle, fashion, automotive, electronics and consumer technology.
  • It is not easy for websites to get approved by the network, it approves websites that are at least one (1) year old, and attracts decent traffic. This is not a network for newbies.

Skimlinks Review and Conclusion

It is hard to deny the appeal of being able to use Skimlinks as a one-stop shop for most of or even all of one’s affiliate marketing. There is nothing stopping bloggers from using direct affiliate marketing relationship when they see fit, and Skimlinks for everything else. This approach basically makes Skimlinks the affiliate marketing equivalent of a catch-all for everything that falls through the cracks.

In conclusion, there really is no serious downside to using Skimlinks in most situations and I would recommend Skimlinks as an additional monetisation resource on your website. Give Skimlinks a try (It’s free to sign up), and see if it doesn’t help change your bottom line and thanks for reading this review!

What are you waiting for, click through and sign up!

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